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RESULTS 2017 (click each heading for PDF of finals):
AANCE Novice Strictly
1st Christopher Yoon & Rachel Shook
2nd Jeff Wilson & April Bryant
3rd Trent Lancaster & Krystal Sutterfield

AANCE Intermed Strictly
1st Alex Brand & Amber Dillenkoffer
2nd Ian Bacon & Anna Ramsey
3rd Ryan Williams & Maria Rodriguez

AANCE Novice Jack and Jill
1st Emad "EJ" Musharbash & Rachel Shook
2nd Jeff Wilson & Nikki Kenney
3rd Trent Lancaster & Krystal Sutterfield

AANCE Intermed Jack and Jill
1st Garrett Thompson & Nessa Martin
2nd Vincent Keller & Emma McNagny
3rd Ian Bacon & Anna Ramsey

Leader ProAm Strictly Novice
1st Sara Wells with Sheven Kekoolani
2nd Kelly Wright with Sheven Kekoolani
3rd Lillian Kemp with CJ Caraway

Follow ProAm Strictly Novice
1st Deon Harrell with Bryn Anderson
2nd Peggy Myers with Tracy Staten
3rd Trent Lancaster with Jordan Sims

Leader ProAm Strictly Intermed
1st Amber Dillenkoffer with Matt Auclair
2nd Amanda Baker with Ben Hooten
3rd Sharrone Smith with Glenn Ball

Follow ProAm Strictly Intermed
1st Ian Bacon with Taletha Jouzdani
2nd Juan Raya with Lisa D'Amico
3rd Kenny Martin with Christina White

Pro-Am Jack & Jill Follow Finals
1st Hannah Swisher & Matt
2nd Amber Dillenkoffer & Ben M
3rd Sharrone Smith & Kris

Pro-Am Jack & Jill Leader Finals
1st Alejandro Hernandez & Kellese
2nd Juan Raya & Anyssa
3rd David Carter & Lisa

Masters Strictly
1st Martin Brown & Susan Brown
2nd Chip DiStefano & Janice DiStefano
3rd Don Law & Enola O'Connor

Novice Strictly
1st Deon Harrell & Nancy Winn
2nd Peter Holly & Stacy Wheeler
3rd Gregory Freeman & Leah Romans

Intermediate Strictly
1st Vincent Keller & Caitlin Umphreyville
2nd Stuart Hiarker & Kimberly Connolly
3rd Dwight Clark & Rachel Shook

Advanced/Allstar Strictly
1st Brandon Parker & Kristen Humphrey
2nd Mike Hammons & Kali Casas
3rd Brandon Manning & Tess Minnick

Invitational Strictly
1st Matt Auclair & Anyssa Olivares
2nd Arjay Centeno & Bryn Anderson
3rd Brent Key & Nikki Kontoulas

Masters Jack & Jill
1st Robert Nelson & Enola O'Connor
2nd Scott Dawson & Susan Brown
3rd Chip DiStefano & Suma Datta

Novice Jack & Jill
1st Deon Harrell & Stacy Wheeler
2nd Samuel Dunnagan & Kristen Wallace
3rd Bastion Fennell & Liz Calloway

Intermed Jack & Jill
1st Ian Bacon & Lindsay Harris
2nd Scott Menkal & Rachel Shook
3rd Gilbert Raya & Marguerite West-Driga

Advanced Jack & Jill
1st Ken Rutland & Michelle Khieu
2nd Lucky Sipin & Faith Musko
3rd Chris Vartuli & Olivia Burnsed

AllStar Jack & Jill
1st Steven Van Nguyen & Kristen Humphrey
2nd CJ Caraway & Bryn Anderson
3rd Brandon Parker & Terra Summers

Pro-Am Novice Routine
1st Joyce Fisher & Matt Auclair
2nd Erin Stokes & Jeanne DeGeyter
3rd Wendi Sisneros & David Miller

Pro-Am Int/Adv Routine
1st Emma Richards & Ben Hooten
2nd Julie Edwards & Matt Auclair
3rd Amber Dillenkoffer & Matt Auclair

Rising Star Routine
1st Chris Brown & Katrina Repka
2nd Mike Hammons & Ashlynn Dennington
3rd Chris Vartuli & Leah Doxakis
4th David Miller & Taylor Banfield