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Pro-Am Strictly Novice Follower
1st – Maria Rodriguez and Matt Auclair
2nd – Wendy Beathard and John Lindo
3rd – Sharell Weeams and David Simpson

Pro-Am Strictly Novice Leader
1st – David Carter and Stevie Blakely
2nd – Ryan Banning and Sandra Lopez
3rd – Shane Young and Michelle Haynes

Pro-Am Strictly Intermed Follower
1st – Natasha Veal and Matt Auclair
2nd – Kendra Armstrong and David Simpson
3rd – Lauren Hubbard and Ben Hooten

Pro-Am Strictly Intermed Leader
1st – Josh Williamson and Crystal Auclair
2nd – Chris Brown and Taletha Jouzdani
3rd – Kevin Rafter and Na’kedra Higgings

Pro-Am Jack & Jill Follower
1st – Matt Auclair and Catrinel Jordan
2nd – Brent Key and Stacy Kay
3rd – Hugo Miguez and Natasha Veal

Pro-Am Jack & Jill Leader
1st – Susan Kirklin & Josh Williamson
2nd – Deborah Szekely and Thomas Guerrero
3rd – Kellese Key and Johnathan Tatum

Novice Strictly Swing
1st – Shane Young and Tali LaPushin
2nd – Jeromy Kovatana and Katherine Stover
3rd – David Carter and Maria Rodriguez

Intermediate Strictly Swing
1st - Benjamin Smith and Wenni Guo
2nd – Johnathan Tatum and Phallon Tillis
3rd – Matthew Carter and Carla Romine-Haggmark

Advanced/Open Strictly Swing
1st – Matt Auclair and Deborah Szekely
2nd – John Lindo and Crystal Auclair
3rd – Robert Cordoba and Susan Kirklin

Novice Jack & Jill
1st – Jeromy Kovatana and Phallon Tillis
2nd – Ryan Banning and Ashanti Brown
3rd – Rick Manderscheid and Pamela Gibson

Intermediate Jack & Jill
1st – Johnathan Tatum and Amanda Gorman
2nd – Troy Robbins and Emily Washburn
3rd - Chris Rector and Jess Ann Nail

Masters Jack & Jill
1st – Chip DiStefano and Roxanne Ware
2nd – Michael Booth and Donese Scheffe
3rd – Michael Stephens and Enola O’Connor

Advanced Jack & Jill
1st – Brad Whelan and Na’kedra Higgins
2nd – Dominique Martin and Jamie Callahan
3rd – Chip DiStefano and Stevie Blakely

Masters Routine
1st – Michael booth and Cheryl Grampp
2nd – Joe Wright and Enola O’Connor
3rd – Dave Megaffin and Judy Megaffin

Pro-Am Routine
1st – Augustin Gutierrez and Stevie Blakely
2nd – Carla Romine-Haggmark and David Simpson
3rd – Sharell Weeams and CJ Caraway

1st – Mr. and Mrs.
2nd – X – The Next Level